Frozen Eggs: A Novel Solution to the Work/Life Balance Issue?

egg babyWomen who work outside the home have found it increasingly challenging to meet and balance all of their professional and personal life responsibilities. Will the recent announcement by Facebook and Apple, to enable women to put off starting a family (by covering expenses for freezing an employee’s eggs for later use) be a positive step?

Might this improve a woman’s ability to make it to the top of corporate life as she will (potentially) have more time to do so? Also, what effect might this have on marriage and divorce rates?Remember, this technology is not perfect and it cannot guarantee that a frozen egg will someday produce a baby….

To read the recently published article on this, go to: Work Life Balance


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5 Reasons Why a Woman Might Sabotage Her Own Success

imagesPart 2 of a Series. In part one of this series, I outlined some of the external obstacles women encounter that can block their pathways to success and some common self-sabotaging behaviors they engage in.  In Part 2, five  personal/ internal reasons why women might self-sabotage their own success will be identified. Anyone will tell you that success comes at a cost. We all have thoughts and feelings about success and about what might happen if we had more of it. There are thoughts about the potential rewards (i.e.-fame, glory, riches, etc).  BUT, we also have other thoughts, feelings, and concerns about what having more success might mean to us and how it might negatively impact our lives. If left unarticulated or unaddressed, these can shut us down, roadblock us, and cause us to sabotage our own chances.  Here are 5 reasons why a woman might sabotage her own success: Read more

Women, Success, and Criticism

One of the necessary ingredients to a woman’s ability to succeed in the workplace is her ability to accept and manage criticism, according to this recent New York Times article (“Learning to Love Criticism”, Sunday Review, 9.28.14) by Tara Mohr.

This article states that, based on a recent study conducted by, women are far more likely to receive negative feedback from their supervisors in the workplace AND the negative feedback women receive includes some kind of criticism of her personality 76 percent of the time (vs. 2 percent of the time for men).

To fully tap into the talent pool, we need both genders to thrive and succeed in the workplace—so what must happen to even out these numbers so both men and women receive the type of feedback they need to enhance their skills, tweak their approaches, and grow?

Here’s the link to the full article:Learning to Love Criticism

Are You Sabotaging Your Success? Part 1 in a Series

Why do some women seem to soar and succeed, while others – equally as talented and bright – never seem to reach the top of their game—could they be sabotaging their own success?

The professional women I’ve met and worked with are bright, hard working, and talented. So why aren’t they all as successful as Oprah Winfrey, Sheryl Sandberg, or Hillary Clinton? Read more

What If You Do And Don’t Want A Divorce?

feelings facesBelieve it or not, when it comes to the most important issues, we humans are naturally of two minds and often find ourselves both wanting and not wanting the exact same thing, to some degree. In other words, we are naturally ambivalent about most things—we see the potential positives and the potential negatives of situations. Even with regard to the things we think we want with all of our being, with all of the force of our most powerful desires, we usually have some reservations deep down inside—it’s only natural. For instance, I would bet that even the blushing bride who talks of feeling 100% certain that marrying her handsome prince at this time in this way is the very best thing to do, has a reservation or two about some aspect of getting married to this particular prince in this particular way at this particular time. Often we don’t want to know about our ‘other’ feelings, as acknowledging our natural ambivalence might complicate things and make it harder to move forward. But, as I have written in previous blogs, denying or not letting yourself know about certain thoughts or feelings does not make them go away… they are always still there!

When it comes to divorce, it can be baffling to see this ‘decision ambivalence’ at play. Recently, a couple walked into my office and both spouses agreed that they’d like a mediated divorce and they’d like it as soon as possible. They told me that they had already told their children about their divorce, that one spouse had moved out and established a second household, and that each of them had even found new partners. They expected that their divorce mediation would be “straightforward”, “simple” and “quick” and promptly signed my mediation agreement, paid their retainer and promised to forward to me several potential dates for a first mediation session. Then, I waited to hear from them. I waited, and waited, and waited.

Deep Relaxation In Only Five Minutes With Betsy Ross

woman-renewalDeep relaxation is essential for good health, balance, and a positive outlook, but most of us don’t even know HOW to relax deeply. We don’t relax enough and when we do, we don’t relax as deeply as we could. In just five minutes, you can learn to relax deeply. The research is clear in that if you relax deeply on a regular (hopefully daily) basis, you can begin to enjoy the health benefits associated with deep relaxation, including: a stronger immune system, lowered blood pressure, faster healing, better mood and much more.

What is deep relaxation?

Here’s what it is not: It is not watching TV, reading a magazine, or sitting down for one minutes while you wait for an appointment.

It is much deeper than that. It is something you must plan to do and make time for.

How do you achieve deep relaxation?

We can achieve deep relaxation while doing activities like yoga or meditation, muscle relaxation, even deep prayer. I use breathing as a means to enter a deeply relaxed state. Now, you can try this, too.

Contact me to learn about a 5 minute deep relaxation technique

You can easily give my breathing deep relaxation technique a try. Please contact me and I will help you to take a moment and learn how to enter a deep relaxation state through using breathing to quiet your mind and calm your body. Then, you can find a private, quiet space where you can sit comfortably and practice this technique which is easy to learn and very effective. Your nervous system, heart, organs, and mind will thank you! Namaste!

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Professional Retreats are becoming more and more popular these days, perhaps because women are feeling more stressed and less valued in the workplace (according to a study conducted in 2013 by the American Psychological Association). Wouldn’t it be great if YOU could take time out and hit the ‘reset’ button while also networking, replenishing yourself, and learning something new? Now you can at the: Weekend Retreat For Professional Women this May 2nd-4th. For more info go to:

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