“The investment in this weekend PAID OFF TENFOLD whereas I have successfully applied the principles we discussed in workshops. Well, well worth the investment in myself and in my practice!”


“I couldn’t have imagined how much I would profit from this Professional Women’s Weekend.  Betsy offered us a tremendous array of skills, as teacher, leader, and therapist, to help us to identify and RESOLVE EVERY KIND OF BARRIER TO PROGRESS we have experienced.  Her finely honed ability to teach critically important concepts, coupled with her acute investigative skills,  resulted in uncovering truths we had never been able to get to.  Her versatility in adapting the program to meet each individual’s concrete needs was phenomenal.  If you come prepared to do the work, you will leave with insight and real STRATEGIES TO MAKE HIGH QUALITY CHANGES IN YOUR LIFE.”


“The Weekend with Betsy Ross is the most refreshing “time away” I’ve had in ages. Professionally, I connected with accomplished women who desire to achieve at the highest level. I’m grateful for the introduction and know that we will all benefit from each others’ expertise both immediately and over time. From a personal stand point, the weekend was a gentle glimpse in the mirror. The course work and discussions have offered me AN OPPORTUNITY TO RE-DIRECT THOSE AREAS OF MY LIFE I WISH TO IMPROVE. This also allows me to excel at my profession in a more productive, efficient, and satisfying way. Treat yourself to the weekend away and Betsy’s expertise. You’ll be left wishing it were longer than a weekend!”


“Recently I attended the Weekend for Professional Women hosted by Betsy Ross that was a true testament to her skills, knowledge, and 20 years of experience with family law clients and families. Her workshops were informative as well as thorough with topics ranging from practice effectiveness to setting boundaries to time management. I learned things that I could incorporate into my interactions with clients and in my practice to MAKE THINGS RUN MORE SMOOTHLY. However, most importantly she taught me how to reinvigorate myself and how to put ourselves first.”


“Rarely do we have a chance to slow things down, shut the electronics off, and focus on ourselves. I GAINED INSIGHTS, CONCRETE INFORMATION, AND INSPIRATION to make my life easier and more meaningful to me. An added blessing was just being in the company of accomplished women, and listening to them and their experiences. The weekend enriched my thinking, and soothed my spirit. Plus the accommodations were terrific! The Weekend was wonderful! When else do you get to talk and think about yourself for a whole weekend?”


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Weekend for Professional Women. It was very informative to learn the solutions that others use towards problems that we face in the workplace. I would highly recommend this event to anyone interested in NETWORKING and learning how to grow their business. I especially enjoyed the session on time management. Thank you Betsy Ross for an excellent presentation and a fabulous time! I was impressed with you and you should be very proud and hold your head high…. I can affirm that your presentation, execution and delivery is quite impressive. No lie!”


“Betsy Ross’s Weekend for Professionals was just what the doctor ordered. It had everything! Spa treatments, excellent food and drink, the company of a group of exemplary broads, and Betsy’s expert guidance in our discussions. I found our discussion regarding time management particularly helpful. Thank you, Betsy! What a great weekend! Thank you so much for including me. I really enjoyed myself and will be attending the next one. I now have BATTERY RECHARGE DAYS! Thank you!”


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