After the Divorce Coaching And Co-Parenting Relationship Assistance

For Raising Your Children Together

The marriage may be over, but co-parenting will last forever—How will you make the emotional shift from spouse to ex-spouse to co-parent? It isn’t easy to roll back your relationship from married partners to a focused parenting relationship, but it’s essential that you do. Learning how to ‘partner’ in the business of raising your children means you will have to learn how to: make good decisions together, listen to and work with each other, respect boundaries and agreed upon ways of working together, stop fighting, and resolve conflicts that inevitably crop up around parenting issues.

Building a healthy and cooperative relationship takes time, energy, and effort—-and yields healthier and happier children! As a co-parenting relationship coach,  I can work with one or both of you to stop the fighting and focus on the task at hand—parenting your children! I can help break the issues down for you into manageable parts and work with you to: identify and talk through what matters most, evaluate what has and has not been working, think about two household parenting and transitions that work, and put together a plan to help you both work better as business partners in the enterprise of raising your children. It isn’t always easy, but, isn’t it worth trying? YOUR CHILDREN WILL BENEFIT from the decreased tension and increased harmony between you! (And, so will you!)

Updating Your Parenting Plan As You And Your Children Grow

Parenting plans are not meant to last forever. Children and families grow and develop so that their needs and how to address these will change over time.  Parenting plans periodically need to be adjusted or re-worked to accommodate this growth.

For many ex-spouses, emotions continue to ‘burn high’ on issues around finances or the children’s schedules, or vacation planning even years after a divorce. Nonetheless, you may have noticed that your parenting plan could use some updating to better accommodate you and your family’s ever changing needs. If you and your ex don’t problem solve or negotiate well together, what can you do?

If you and your children would benefit from “tweaking” things a bit (ie- you still can’t agree on the best pick up or drop off times but you both know that the current schedule isn’t working , or your 16 year old keeps fighting with you because he doesn’t want to have to sleep over on the weekends anymore, or the timing for reimbursing each other for medical co-pays is stressing you out , etc.) a coach can help!

A coach will work with you and your ex, in a safe and comfortable environment, to help you both create an updated, more realistic version of the parenting plan that both of you and your children can live with. A coach can assist you both to communicate your thoughts and ideas around parenting issues, listen to each other more regarding concerns, options, and approaches, and come to agreement on a plan that will better serve your family and your children’s needs.

Take The First Step

Wondering what to do about your after divorce or co-parenting relationship issues? Working with a skillful coach/consultant can help you: Identify and set goals, brainstorm your options, evaluate possibilities and put together a detailed, step by step plan. What better way to help you and your family move forward?

Divorce Support Groups

Now forming, separate groups for women and for men undergoing or healing from divorce. Groups meet for a 75 minute session, twice per month to discuss a variety of divorce and post-divorce related topics. Members can ‘tell their story’ and hear those of others, share wisdom and knowledge, and form supportive connections with others in group. Divorce Support Group offers a safe and confidential environment where members can achieve new awareness and feel understood.

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