Reignite: A Professional Development Weekend For Women

network learn    re-evaluate   re-direct refuel


Consider These Questions

  • Is your career moving in a direction that works for you?
  • Are you frequently saying ‘No’ to yourself and others?
  • Is your career ‘costing’ you too much and interfering with your personal life?
  • Do you have the amount of time, energy, and rewards you want and need?
  • Do you have the communication and relationship skills to say what you need?

Retreat Workshop

Take some time to slow things down and refocus on YOU. Take advantage of a weekend’s worth of opportunities to spend time away with a small group of your peers to:

  • RE-EVALUATE YOUR THINKING on your strategies for achieving the types of success YOU want
  • RE-DIRECT YOUR ENERGY & RESOURCES to meet challenges head-on and communicate more effectively
  • RE-POSITION YOUR APPROACH to your work to enjoy greater rewards while saving precious time & energy
  • Facilitated by Psychotherapist and Coach, Betsy Ross LICSW, CGP


Betsy Ross, a noted authority on professional women, has developed a unique and powerful process, based on decades of individual and small group clinical work, to help you to:

  • Identify your most bothersome problem areas and ‘stuck points’ in how you are working and communicating
  • Deconstruct the habitual behaviors, feelings, and ideas that contribute to your problematic outcomes
  • Explore the unique ‘themes and repetitions’, based on identified core issues, that may be driving your professional challenges
  • Outline areas to be strengthened, triggers to watch out for, and action steps for addressing these
  • Frame YOUR ‘Personal Strategy’ to immediately begin achieving better results


While in the company of other smart and successful women we’ll network (over champagne and during dinner) and join together for 5 powerful ‘hands-on’ workshops filled with ground-breaking new learning and new ideas to re-position and reignite your professional and personal life. We will nest in comfortable elegant rooms, nourish with healthy gourmet dining, and replenish (with extensive spa services, exercise, try yoga or meditation).


Our Curriculum

  • Set Boundaries To Do Your Best Work (with clients, patients, and colleagues)
  • Strategize to Increase Success (quit shooting yourself in the foot!)
  • Learn Deep Relaxation for Beginners: An easy 7-Minute Technique to reinvigorate
  • Explore What Money Means To The Professional Woman (and to your clients)
  • Discover Novel Efficiencies You Can Establish in YOUR work (includes enhancing your communications)