The Power Of An Apology In Divorce

Even though your divorce may already be under way, a genuine and heartfelt apology for your part in the breakdown of your marriage can help! Read my newest article in the Huffington Post Divorce Blog on the power of apologies: 

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  1. Dr. Honey Sheff
    Dr. Honey Sheff says:

    Very well done article! Appreciate the focus on the actual qualities of a genuine apology. One additional observation is that for an apology to truly be effective in the way you describe, the receiver must also be open and able to hear it otherwise it may indeed be genuine but fall on deaf ears. In other words, it still takes two.

    • Betsy Ross, LICSW
      Betsy Ross, LICSW says:

      Thank you for your comment and I totally agree—hopefully the receiver is willing and able to ‘hear’ the words and sentiments of the apologizer….Like all other aspects of a relationship, it really does take two!


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