Deep Relaxation In Only Five Minutes With Betsy Ross

Deep relaxation is essential for good health, balance, and a positive outlook, but most of us don’t even know HOW to relax deeply. We don’t relax enough and when we do, we don’t relax as deeply as we could. In just five minutes, you can learn to relax deeply. The research is clear in that if you relax deeply on a regular (hopefully daily) basis, you can begin to enjoy the health benefits associated with deep relaxation, including: a stronger immune system, lowered blood pressure, faster healing, better mood and much more.

What is deep relaxation?

Here’s what it is not: It is not watching TV, reading a magazine, or sitting down for one minutes while you wait for an appointment.

It is much deeper than that. It is something you must plan to do and make time for.

How do you achieve deep relaxation?

We can achieve deep relaxation while doing activities like yoga or meditation, muscle relaxation, even deep prayer. I use breathing as a means to enter a deeply relaxed state. Now, you can try this, too.

Contact me to learn about a 5 minute deep relaxation technique

You can easily give my breathing deep relaxation technique a try. Please contact me and I will help you to take a moment and learn how to enter a deep relaxation state through using breathing to quiet your mind and calm your body. Then, you can find a private, quiet space where you can sit comfortably and practice this technique which is easy to learn and very effective. Your nervous system, heart, organs, and mind will thank you! Namaste!

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