Preparing For Divorce: If You Asked For It, If You Didn’t

Micki McWade’s article, “10 Tips For A Sane Divorce: Five For You, Five For Me”, outlines the steps both the person asking for the divorce as well as the one it is happening to can take to feel more prepared. She makes the point that there are big differences between the emotional mindset of the initiator vs. the non-initiator of divorce.

We’d like to add that whether you initiated the divorce or not, each of you will most likely bring certain feelings with you to the divorce negotiation process, including; disappointment, worries about the future, and a sense of (personal) failure. Remembering that each of you is hurting (on some level) and that you both had a hand in what has happened to your relationship can help you both to be a little kinder, calmer, and more patient with each other.