Relationship Intelligence: Where Did You Learn How to Get Along With People?

Unfortunately, we don’t go to school to study how to have good relationships. Relationship skills, when it comes to work, family, and social relationships, develop differently depending on how and where you grew up. So, where did you get your information on how to get along with people?

If you were lucky enough to be born into a family where your parents got along well and treated each other with kindness, mutual understanding, and in a loving manner, then you may have learned similar skills for use in your intimate relationships. Similarly, if important people close to you were successful in their business relationships, you may have gleaned some useful information that you are now using  to get along with and manage the people you work with. But what if you weren’t quite so lucky?

Even if you had lots of healthy and positive role models that served as the foundation for your relationship skills, you can still learn more about how to relate better, communicate more effectively,  and get more satisfaction from the relationships you have. We all can use some help in the relationship department, right?

That’s where a coach comes in. An experienced coach has plenty of wisdom and expertise in the relationship department. They can guide you and teach you skills and techniques that can be used to help you to have more successful and enjoyable work, family, and social relationships.

Strengthen your Relationship Muscles at Work

Tweaking your communication skills and relationship style, can increase your chances for career success.  By working hand in hand with a coach, you can improve your ability to get along with coworkers, communicate effectively, and even serve as a role model for those around you.

Build Better Relationships at Home

You can learn better ways to communicate with your partner or spouse, parents, children,  and other family members for a more peaceful and productive family life. With a coach’s assistance, you can study your relationship and communication style, get feedback in terms of what is and isn’t working, and learn new skills to bring you closer to those you care about.

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