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(PART 2 OF A 2 PART SERIES) Part 1 of this series focused on how the emotions our clients bring into the negotiation room can impact the divorce professional(s) present. Our client’s negative comments, displays of intense emotion, and moods can wreak havoc on us both individually and, in the case of a collaborative divorce, as […]


(PART 1 OF A 2 PART SERIES) Even though we are professionals, it can still sting when a divorce client isn’t able to see the good progress being made, expresses deep disappointment in the process, or otherwise communicates that we have let them down. Whether we acknowledge it or not, these can dampen our spirits, […]

Your Pandemic Survival Guide

Living through this pandemic and the extended sheltering in place it demands has turned life as we know it upside down and posed many challenges to us all. As the horizon seems to indicate more of the same at least for the foreseeable future, here are some ideas, tips and tools to help get you […]

You Can Have a Virtual Collaborative Divorce

While during this time of limited social contact, many have concluded that divorce is simply out of the question, others are moving forward in a virtual divorce. Collaborative divorce is a process where specially trained attorneys, a coach facilitator, and a financial professional work together, cooperatively, with clients to help them settle disputes and come […]

‘E-Therapy’: Psychological Band Aid, Effective Healing, or Both?

These are uncertain and stressful times and for those who like to feel ‘in charge’ of themselves and their life’s direction, it can be even more challenging. Help and support are available, but, like everything else these days, assistance comes primarily virtually. And, beginning or shifting to virtual or ‘E-Therapy’ can pose challenges to us […]

Preparing Yourself For Divorce

What can you do to personally prepare yourself for divorce? Here are some ideas to help you move forward through your divorce process

Co-Parenting Questions: What is a good parenting plan for my family and me?

From: LM, in Norfolk County Excellent question, LM! An effective parenting plan is created just for you and your family and is not a one size fits all (or ‘template’) plan. Crafting your plan (like making a scrumptious meal from scratch) will take some time and skill. Working with the right professional, who can truly […]